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Our history

It was the September of 2011, when Katerina walked past Kimolia. What she saw was what you see in the picture on the left. A "tired" and broken down building (or beaten down if you will), that was looking for an excuse to breath again! The remains of the old "Academy Travel" stood there since 2007, looking a lot like Santorini (painted white and blue). The building server nothing more than a place for posters of upcoming events to be posted. 

Then and now

It only took a few hours of talking to get the owner, the late Elina to say "yes". She was born and raised in this building and therefore she wouldn't rent it out to simply anyone. At least not to those that wanted to create the new "hip" place of the town, wrecking and demolishing their way to it. So, Katerina's idea for an art space, colourful and unique, that would be created, always respecting the building, was enough for Elina.  

What happened after that will remain in our memories forever. Three months of hard work, mainly by us, with some handymen (friends) that came to aid. On December 17th, 2011, Kimolia Art Cafe was in business. Different than it is today, but actually a lot alike in its core, in our core. 

Kimolia still stands at number 5 of Iperidou street, and it evolves day by day, towards a direction that is not planned at all, but for sure on the same path of what we started back in 2011. However much we change, we remain loyal to our vision for Kimolia, against mass-tourism, mass-hospitality and faceless and colourless venues. That's why, each and every summer, for 3 weeks, we close shop and we reimagine the space, we recreate it and we renovate it, essentially, redefining it from scratch.  

We are still here, and although Elina is not with us anymore, her love and help through all these years has stayed with us forever. And this piece is dedicated to her, together with a huge "thank you for believing in us". 

That's the short story of how Kimolia Art Cafe came to be. We are here, waiting for you to come, become part of the space and its history by creating memories here. That's actually, the business we're in, that is the "Creating Memories Industry". 

Be well, be safe

Nikos Palavitsinis


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