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Kimolia Art Cafe

Kimolia (chalk) was my first childhood love! With chalk I wrote my first words and drew my first sketches! As years went by, chalk became a pen, a paintbrush and was left forgotten on the blackboard of my youth. Now, it came back into my life and hopefully into yours as well! In Kimolia Art Cafe I want us to rediscover words, colours and knowledge...

Katerina Vayena

Online Kimolia Art Cafe

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to create an online space for all of us to meet, to talk and to support each other. The physical Kimolia was not able to operate at the time but this gave birth to its online sister! We created 600 accounts which we distributed to people that booked our tables online.

We had a limit of 15 tables that we opened up daily (same amount of tables we have in the actual Café), each table having 5 seats. So in total, 75 people got access daily. When the 24 hours expired, we suspended the accounts and assigned new ones for the same tables.

Each table has a BigBlueButton room set up, ready for our guests to sit and enjoy their coffee or drink (unfortunately, they have to prepare this at home, no technology to offer this - yet). We also had a discussion forum for them to leave their comments, thoughts or interesting links for the next party that would use the table.

Finally, we also created a course titled “bar” where everyone has access. Our bar also has a small BBB room with a capacity of 20 people. In this way, there’s also a common space for some guests of the online Kimolia Art Café to meet at.

Was it worth it? Definitely! We have 3,000 accounts, 14,000 visitors and more than 2,500 BigBlueButton sessions that took place that support this! We loved it and we hope we have made the quarantine a bit easier for you all! 

Nikos Palavitsinis



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